• Advertising CRBT
    For the first time in mobile history:
    No need to get help from mobile network operators!
    Distribute your audio clips and videos to millions of subscribers,
    regardless of geographical borders and territories.

Advertising CRBT

EC Advertising CRBT is an audio clip that replaces the normal beep you hear before your call to a friend/office/business is answered. EC Advertising CRBT introduces a way to break through the advertising clutter by delivering advertising messages directly to targeted individuals via their mobile phones – a tool for everyday life that is carried and used by billions.

By EC Advertising CRBT we grab this great opportunity for your brand:

When a caller is waiting for the person on the other line to pick up, they are actively listening to the line awaiting a response, making it extremely likely the message will be heard.

Not limited to any mobile network operator, EC Advertising CRBT is a solution for advertisers to promote their brands vocally all over the world, to their own target groups at any time they prefer.

Advertisers are able to select the target country and the time of promotion, to monitor online the exact number of people listening their ads, and etc.

EC Advertising CRBT outperforms all forms of TV, radio, and print advertising as the most cost-effective advertising medium available. Its average cost-per-impression is less expensive than nearly any other form of media.

Good news for app developers!

EC Advertising CRBT enables you to monetize your app and provide a better user experience. We keep your app clear and ad-free so that users can enjoy the pure version of your work. We have one plain agenda in mind, delivering a better user experience for end users while enabling app developers to earn a higher income from their apps.

EC Advertising CRBT provides an SDK for app developers to embed in their free app; a user who installs it, enjoys the app for free in return for hearing the EC Advertising CRBT audio ad before a call.

It seems to be a win-win relation for all players of the eco-system:

The best media for advertisers, great monthly revenue share for developers and surprising prizes for subscribers around the world.

The revenue share model for app developers follows this rule:

The best media for advertisers, great monthly revenue share for developers and surprising prizes for subscribers around the world. For every call a subscriber makes, the app developer will get 10 percent of the total revenue. That means for example, if an application has 10.000 users and each user calls only 5 times per day, the developer will receive 10% of total income multiplied by 5 by 10.000 by 30 days of the month that will huge and guaranteed monthly payment.

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